heya….. my name is legovetolk

my passion is to game with other people 

and to help build this community grow big and strong


for me my gaming adventure began at the age of 4 

one of my neighbors placed a gun in my hand and told me to shoot the ducks

yeah yeah it was duck hunt on the nes 

since then i was sold and my dad got me a snes with mario

that was my first console 


i’m streaming for a few years now and still working on getting a steady community

i love to play and interact with people 

and when i’m online dont hesitate but get in the channel and join us in the game we play

everybody is welcome


My Games:

* World of Warcraft

* Diablo 3

* Runescape 3

* Among Us

* Call of Duty

* Heartstone

* Marbles of Stream

* The Hunter

* Fortnite

Legovetolk's Tiktok
Legovetolk's Youtube
Legovetolk's Twitch

Diablo 3

first livestream

Video edditing

My first video ever!


AN other Victory Royal!




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