Hi! My name is Decorder87, I love to play games with my community.

I’ve been playing games since i was old enough to understand how to smash the buttons!
Started playing with a Intel 80386 and played games in DOS

Iam streaming for a few years now, but have manage to build a lovely crowd of people , so don’t be afraid to talk!

My streaming days are every Tuesday and when iam free also on Thursday!

Below is a list of my games, feel free to come on discord or in my streams to have a little chat!

My Games:

* Call of Duty.
* Fortnite.
* Heartstone.
* Diablo 3.
* Apex Legends.
* Eurotruck Simulator 2
* Marbles on Stream
* Minecraft
* Grand Theft Auto V

Decorder87's Tiktok
Decorder87's Youtube
Decorder87's Twitch

Apex Legends

First Victory!


AN other Victory Royal!


AN other Victory Royal!




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